Planning, storyboards and testing

Looking over what I’ve done so far,  there were some changes that I had made to my orignal ideas and plans. Furthermore, I didn’t at all consider how each transition for the type could or would affect the type and the music. I also didn’t consider the music! which is one of the other important aspects, so taking this on board, I made a brainstorm to contain my ideas to handle these.

Reminders for myself:

  • How will the type motion be presented?
  • What font style will be used?
  • colour?
  • will there be any imagery or colours behind the text?
  • How will it transition?
  • What kind of music/sound effects will there be?
  • What are the chosen words to be presented?
  • How will the words be created?
  • Think carefully how the text can become the word.

I want to focus the words on transitioning/moving in the way of what they mean, or how they are used. I originally intended to create the words by hand in letterpress, yet, the print room was closed on the set days and it wouldn’t of provided me enough time to experiment, get it recorded as a stop motion and get it done on time. So, I thought of other ways in how I could create words with other things…

Such as, I could cut out words from books? then, if I used that idea it plays nicely along with the idea of my bunch of words being a from a story and creating a story, though, I found some red thread later in the after noon and started playing around with that idea. There’s this phrase or something to do with couples, where they are bound or attatched by a single red thread and it’s only cut once they break up. Since the story was quite sad, tearjerking and had to do with a couple kind of breaking up over a disagreement. I thought the thread would aid to this.

Music? I wanted to try and re-create similar sound effects to the ones in the footage shown. Though, I want to create a set of sounds and use a midi editor, along with Audacity to help bring some set sounds and music together for the piece.

Preview of my first story board idea:

Got a few ideas down.

Third story board:

It’s not very clear, but it gives me a very concise idea of what I want to happen on each segment.

It helped me narrow down my short story as well.



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