Utterly moving: Type, test experimentations.

Two weeks ago, I started to practice drawing out some words by using font style sheets that I found in a couple of font and typography books as a guide. I decided that I would hand draw font and work with letterpress for this project (which I’ll explain later, as there were major changes in the testing phase of this).  The two above are a couple that I selcted for my personal favourites. I especially adored the ‘Hopes’; it really embraces that feeling of hope with in the chosen style, and hopefully, if I can continue with considering what style will help emphasise the meaning for the word it might be effective towards the footage as well.


It’s a bit messy, this is a selection of the words that I’m going to use for the project. I had to keep going back and forth with them, as there were far too many sentences and words to use with in 20 seconds. I tried to form a short story out of the words, which is similar to a brief summary of what had happened in the scene. In a way, this very new script is a new story itself.

Tried to record th first sentence by camera; the quality was awful and on some parts, it’s hard to see the text. I would of liked to come back to this idea, but I prefer the idea of stop motion and after effects, as it’s incorporating both old and new techniques.



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