Utterly moving words: First experimentations with words; ideas and workshops. 2/?

A brief update with the ‘Bang’ experimentation from the paper cut outs. Some of them turned out pretty well, while others didn’t turn out as good. The positive side to this task was that it gave me some ideas for what I could do with this current project. It also allowed me to test the stop motion animation again and whether or not, it would be a good idea to use this technique in the motion type project and in my opinion of it so far, it will be a benefit as I’m just a begginer for After effects.

I used the word ‘Bang’ at the begining, as at the start of the project I had the idea of using words that make sound- Onomatopoeia.

The process for this was very slow. At first, I wanted each letter to be drawn out, but now that I think about it, with the time limit the animation will have (20s), it would be better to have a word appearing at a time instead,  simply to save on time. I’m also very timid towards the idea of using drawn type for this project, as I’ve used that method before with previous projects, such as the Zine project. I don’t want the project/motion type to loose out on quality.

Carrying on with similar methods, I started to look at in which ways I can use the type to reflect the sound and create motion, while it’s still.

I tried adding in extra ‘a’s to see if it would help the still look like its creating motion? but at that moment, I had to keep an eye on how the text looked and whether the size and style of the font would work well with the motion that I intended to use it in.

I attempted to create this ‘slap-BANG’ effect, while actually smacking each piece of paper on to another blank sheet of paper. It didn’t successfully get me anywhere, but it wasn’t a waste of time. I quite enjoyed playing around with these little techniques; it helps give me some new ideas and it encourages me to keep experimenting with how I can progress with this task further in terms of type.

After arranging some more words, it turns out that after that photography session with Heather and Bill; we had another workshop to attend, but it was with Matthew.

Learnt a new word that day… ‘Tautological’. I was quite keen to learn knew things about type because it could be helpful towards the project, for example, we had to consider how the text is used to create a word and create good visual imagery to help represent that word. Actually, there were several different assets that day, now that I recall it all from looking back at my notes.

Image–> sound–> text— They all link together to help each other.

After the talk, we were presented with a clip from a film with Jim Carrery in it, which took me about 6 replays of the same clip to make me realise it was him. I was so use to seeing him as the Grinch, or in one of those funny, comedic kind of films, anyhow, I followed this sheet we were given, where we had to write down everything that happened, such as the movements, what we see, the things that happened in the clip, sound, reviews made, but this wasn’t such a simple task, as I’ve described it to be. We have to write about it in a descriptive way.

From the selection of words, we have to use them for our Motion type footage.

When I left the studio, I started to think about how I was going to choose words, but the first section of the document was quite appealing to me. I really enjoyed writing down that particular part ecause it became it’s own story. I briefly picked out specific words and started to apply various styles to them to see what effect they had.

It’s incredible how one style change can affect the look of a specific word or piece of text.


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