Adrian’s workshop pt 2

Before properly starting the session, we went over what we were taught in the last lesson from the week previous. Amazingly, I was able to recall what we did in the lesson with changing the text and making it move. It was a litScreen Shot 2016-04-25 at 11.33.15 AMtle difficult at first, due to the positioning of the words moving out of place on their own at times, but luckily I was able to sort that out.

Afterwards, we learnt how to set an expression for the text to animate in a random way. It was a pretty useful technique.

The first expression learnt was ‘wiggle’, which I spent a while playing around with to create very creative motion type. Not totally sure, if I’ll use that in one of type transitions, but I may try the very last technique we learnt: The pickwick. At first, when this function was being explained to us, I didn’t think I would be able to make the text sync with music with just a click of a button, or in this case–an expression, but when it came to it, I successfuly did it. I don’t have a video of this at the moment, but hopefully, I’ll be able to post one up at a later time.


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