Motion type in films

The majority of film sequences use some interesting type effects, but I don’t pay enough attention to notice that.  Even very well known openings to films keep to the same old traits and are bound by their own aspects.

Star Wars’ original opening. Otherwise known as the ‘crawl’, could be recognised easily. I simply adore how the text is goverened by a slant as it eases in and out of the screen. With its black background, it’s almost as if it’s heading to the dark skies above in space.

There’s a more comicy one here. The text flows well with both the imagery and music; it also starts to play along with the fact that the film is based on a comic book series. Although, I’m quite keen to the use of bold colours  and patterns that flash on and off, I must admit.

Snatch was another film that came to mind; I like how the font style and transitioning of text works well with the sound.

Steering back to how these title sequences have been presented, I would love to start thinking about what kind of sounds I would need to include with my project. My set of words are quite moving, yet they’re sensitive, I’ll need to work around with that thought in mind.



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