Utterly moving: Visual ideas

Over the last week or so, I’ve been coming up with visual ideas to help clear my mind of how I could present the set of words that I’ve got. I started to play around with the idea of making certain words become a shape of something, which would be a direct reference to their meaning or something that had happened in the story.

I certainly enjoyed doing this part of the work, as I couldn’t draw images, but doing it this way, I’ve made the type become an image that’ll communicate an action or an event in the story.

While doing this, I’ve been making little adjustments to text and making very catious decisions at what font style to use; how it’s going to move on the screen to become its meaning and then deciding it’s transition. For example, I was testing out the word ‘Reaching’ by stretching it out and making it tower forward, as if it was reaching for something.



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