Utterly Moving: Final outcome- She’s just a girl.

It’s been a while, since the last update to this little blog. As I’ve been developing my skills by hand and in After effects, I’ve spent the last four days coming across some issues with my concept ideas and how i was going to animate it. I had to keep referring to my notes constantly, then some changes to the story board. In doing so, it has been hectic, but from the many mistakes I’ve made, I’ve nurtured them and started to learn from them.  There were also times during the progression in making this animated type, that I needed some fresh ideas or some sort of inspiration to help me continue with it.

After I had this little issue, I decided that first it may be handy for me to test out and record all of the parts I wanted as a stop motion first, so I get a good grasp of the timing and any further issues.


The process was pretty slow at first, but as I steadily started to get the hang  of scanning each movement in, I became quite aware of the pace and how everything would lay itself out on the page. I was quite pleased with this, as I had built up this image in my head and had it to how I wanted; once it was produced as a video animation, I knew that I could carry on to the next stage.

I’m going to have to come clean about this stage; I forgot to screencap the steps that I took, when I made a mistake during the creating of this. That, I am very disappointed of, though I’ve writen down, the changes I had made and why. There were at times, where after effects didn’t work or it kept crashing, or my computer wouldn’t run properly; it’s those things that took up the majority of my time for this project and I’m simply glad that I had the patience to continue working with it and not giving up with it, regardless of how these issues kept piling up, one after the other.

Here’s my final outcome:


When it came to setting up the layers with in the document, it took about ten minutes or so. At first, it was tough having to work out the timing of when objects enter and exit, while other aspects of working with in after effects, such as the effect options were quite fun to play around with.

Admitingly, I feel happy with my outcome and the positives I’m satisfied with is, that I was able to portray the transitions that I wanted to show, that were in my head. I’m still not satisfied with the timing of some aspects, like how ‘Despair’ comes on to the stage and exits. That I wasn’t too pleased with and no matter, how many times I tried to slow it down or move it off in a different direction, it wasn’t responding. From this experience of working in this software for the second or third time, I’ve gained a little bit of confidence in using it, compared to how I felt about it at the begining of the project.

As for the sound, while Ii wanted to keep to this whole reflect of the story being broadcasted as ‘sad’, ‘depressing, I wanted to follow along the lines of that. I started to play my panpipes in the background while I recorded it to build up this sensation; I feel that I kind of have it down, but I may need to come back to it in future and play around with the sound. The sound of the pipes and how they can reach both high and low pitches quite easily, is a trait I adore about this instrument. It can emphasise any feeling easily, just by changing the pitch of the sound.



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