Suggested designers I looked at so far…

Saul Bass: Not the first time, I’ve looked at his work in this type of project. In our animation project, I started to look at his work and at the amazing title sequences he had created, I was pretty taken back by the fact that he produces these types of techniques from hand. While his work in that time was very bold, graphic; it had this fine contrast of humour in a few of the titles.

It really starts to make me think about how others would of reacted to this kind of sequence, compared to the ones we have today. The ones we have today are either completely unrecognisable, or they’re rememerable. For example, The Simpsons title sequence, when looking at how their name fades in, we’re all able to easily tell or say when it will come in and fade out and off of the screen. We all know when specific things will be set or happen until they reach their couch gage, but the point is, little and the most simple of things seem to be more beneficial or have a bigger impact than ones the flashy ones.

Sista Corita

She works with silk screen. I really adore her bold, colourful style.

Her type is quite powerful, original and I love how well the text works with the colours used. Red’s quite a dominant tone overall, but with the style of the text, it works.

I could of kept this in mind for the current project by considering hw the style of the text can reflect the meaning and the words used. I did however, trying to think about this aspect by playing around with the words in many different font styles, varients and start to experiment with how they can be used to show and express meaning. The same goes with th colour decisions that need to be made; they need to be well considered and have a reason as to why they’ve been used. When I look back at the video tests and the words that I had for the type motion; it became apparent to me, that the words create this image of a gentle, calmer atmosphere and yet, there’s this flow of melancholy, guilt and loneliness which could be conveyed in more greyish tones.



Alan Kitching

Something that I seem to notice a lot in Kitching’s typography is that it’s very subtle. It emphasies this nice, flow and movement with in how the letters can move with it just being a 2D design. Nonetheless, by the use of choices made can make the word look as if it’s moving, or as if it’s popping out of the screen as you view it.

Paula Scher, I don’t think was a suggested designer, but she was one I came across while looking for movement with in typography. I wanted to start looking at many ways, in how I could include illustration with in type since I wanted to have some form of imagery as well as type.

One particular aspect that I enjoyed about her work is, that the range of colours and how the text is placed is very loose and playful, while it maintains some sort of organisation to it. It also doesn’t stick to one specific part of the screen, but instead, it spreads itself out. Upon looking further, I figured out that this image is actually a map, consisting of the locations.

Here are a few more examples of Scher’s work:

The words are placed in a very considered order; they’re not too cluttered with the imagery.

Paula-Scher-interview-designboom-03 c212eaea6e2427c9dee306e7388ae2c3

Another particular aspect that I enjoy about her work, is how well-thought the items are placed out to become or to represent an image of something else. I found that to be quite intruiging.



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