Utterly moving:Testing out sound

Before making any final decisions, I ended up not having a lot of thought towards what I wanted the music or sounds to be, as there was a very limited amount of time for me to consider what kinds of sounds I would have with in the animated piece. At first, I suppose I was tempted to re-create sounds that were made during the scene with in Eternal sunshine of Montauk and yet, I didn’t stick to that idea. I felt that would be too bland and wouldn’t fit securely with the words I had for my short story. The sound’s just as important as the words are during the production, so it had to be well considered.

I thought about making some softer sounds or maybe humming a tune…

I questioned and pondered about this for couple of days, then decided to find some OSTs that were used in films, games and animations that would exaggerate that sensation of ‘melancholy’, in view of the fact, that the short story once put together became very sensitive.

Yeah, yeah. I understand I do reference this game series quite a bit in my work; to me, this game’s quite special to me as I spent a lot of time in my childhood playing it after school. Let’s steer back to our discussion on music; the music creates this illusional vortex with in your mind, it creates this image of ‘everything is okay’, whereas there’s this change with in the tune. It starts to move on from there and the emotion of calmness soon moves away. I wanted to try and play around with my keyboard piano with a similar sound set in mind, but this wasn’t as easy as it seemed. I didn’t want the music to be calming, I wanted it to be more sensitive.

It’s rare that I ever pay attention to the background music in Lord of the rings, especially since SO MUCH goes on during the films. In fact, this gave me the idea of using pan pipes as they can fabricate many different tones in sound.

As I delve even further in to more tracks, I came across some more nostalgic ones, though, they all seem to have this wall of energy building up with in them. They had more harsher sounds in the background, which supported the more subtle and gentle ones.




The first step I took to recording was humming and that alone, did not have the quality  nor did it help with the emotion I wanted to convey. So, I decided to export the sound and upload it to a midi converter:

As you might be able to tell, the sounds made became like piano notes, but even though I was able to create this, it felt a little too edgy and didn’t quite fit in with the animation once I tried it out. It didn’t catch the melancholic sensation.

Tried a similar method again, but tried with saying ‘dun dun’ in a lower tone, then a slightly one. I wasn’t satisfied with this either. It could of been a little slower. It didn’t help with the piano notes either; they were too harsh in tone.

Moving on from that, I found my mothers pan pipes and got permission to use instead. Refering back to the research that I did on music tracks, I recalled there were a few wind-like instruments being played quietly in the background.



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