Kinetic typography with Michelle– Agree, disagree and help.

The workshop for kinetic typography proved to be very useful towards my project; it let me find new methods and discover some techniques that I could use to start making or editing my motion type. I figured out that there were some transitions with in my short story, that I hadn’t quite figured out yet, and I started to play around with the objects I was given to help come up with some.

I started off playing with words as simple as ‘Help’ in the doughy substance. I wanted to think about making the word look warped and difigured, as if the doughy had been beaten up and was calling out for ‘Help’ by changing its form to become that word. At first,  it didn’t seem like such a good method to do with stop motion, due to the lighting and how many snapshots I would have to make for each movement, but it later proved me wrong when I tested it out. Having enough patience and being able to put up with, the fact that this may be a long task was all worth it in the end.

While I did have a few disagreements at first with how i was going to animate it, I came across that by having it look rather gruesome, it gives emphasis to the word ‘help’.

For this video, however, I wanted to pace it a little slower and took twice as many photos to slow down the timing of everything. To be quite frank, I adore this one more, as it was more succesful. I also have to be even more honest and admit that Michelle gave me the idea of having ‘agree’ being knocked down by ‘disagree’. The only issue, which I’ll need to bare in mind in future, is that the letters will need to be a little clearer, as they’re hard to see due to the lighting.


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