Riso print workshop

I found this task to be pretty exhilarating. It had been a long while, since we worke in groups and had partaken in something as a class (excluding crits). Surprisingly, I actually enjoyed working with the group and amazingly, I was able to talk more to people and help co-ordinate the design for the handout which was enjoyable.

The riso print workshop task was set, so we could design and create a leaflet which would be later handed out at the Summer exhibition. We had to make some important decisions as a group, such as how many images will they be? where are they going to be placed? Do they work well together or not? and to be honest, this seemed to me, that this kind of experience with making these kind of decisions will help us in future, when it comes to designs and creating documents to be published.

While at first, I felt the decision making right at the end was slow; the rest of the progress was quick, but the creation of the coument and making these sorts of decisions were not the only thing we had to do that day. We had a ten to fifteen minute itroduction to the Riso printers. I didn’t know such a thing existed until that day, so I learnt a few new things. In future, I may try the riso print out, as there’s a few screen prints I wanted to create, but didn’t get the chance to work on them, I would really love to try and see if I could try this method of printing.




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