Utterly moving: Updated type motion

So many intriguing animations were shown on Thurday, during the crit. I say I’m pretty surprised a lot, but yes, I was indeed, pretty surprised by this. They were all different and each of them, lead to a nice ending point.

I did enjoy this project the most, overall. Even though it was a lot of hardwork and even with previous experiences with animation, I couldn’t take my eyes of the fact, that there’s a whole lot of planning with in the timing of the animation, how it’s going to work, what each thing will do and how they’ll appear and work with everything else thats on the screen. There’s also a lot of testing to do before having the final aspect published.

Moving on to the crit, I received the unexpected. I did feel awfully nervous again, but I had a sigh of relief. I took upon the advise given, edited and slowed the video down with the all mighty and trusty software…. Movie maker!  I chose Movie maker this time, due to After effects was taking A LOT of time to load itself up.   During the presentation, I thought my animation wouldn’t work, well, I thought the video would lag or be a nuisance, or the sound wouldn’t play. You know, the general issues that tend to happen occassionally? I was grateful that this wasn’t the case this time and ad for the advise given, it was very useful as always. I slowed my animation down by fifty percent, but I recalled that I had to remove the sound and re-insert it again. That was a pain and yet, it has to be done. Now, that I see it from a fresh perspective, Ican see what Sara, Michelle and Bill were talking about. The type moves quite gradually and with this and the music alone, it helps tell the story with the exact emotion I intended to broadcast.

I personally think that the animation could be improved further, if I were to pobably play around with the lighting  little more to depict a direct reference to the lighting in the movie, where I got the inspiration for this type motion from.




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