All maps ending summary (CCS)

Summarise Scher’s essay, in 150 words, with reference to one image from the slide show; bring this with you.

Paula Scher starts to reminiscence and describe about a moment that occurred, when she was 8 in the 1950’s. She starts to describe in detail about how herself and her sibling would often make fun of what her father did in the basement of their small story house. He would often cut up light green laminated board, which would soon be used to function as a measuring device that helped distortions in blown up aerial photographs used for map making.

There were a lot of maps lying around that she had noticed, but her father later pointed out that the majority of them would have distortions and inaccurate curves, or other sorts of issues with the maps, for example,

that she clearly couldn’t understand for herself, but as she grew up she soon realised that he was actually stating “All maps are distorted, they are not literal fact.”

When she became an adult, she became a professional graphic designer and her job was to organise and layout other people’s information. Yet, by this time she became more aware of the distortions that occurred during the editing process, designing and publishing texts.

Later on, she began painting maps to invent her own narrative about the way she felt and saw the world, for example, The world, 1998.


The particular piece is very ‘jumbled up’ and complicated, especially with the way all of the text is squashed tightly together, there’s barely any open space to allow seperate between each word. The text, lines and shapes are all quite distorted. Perhaps, this is another way in which she expresses how she felt about the information she had?


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