Author:Reporter– Author: Inter-relationships between text and image

Since the brief was first published, I’ve been tremendously looking forward to this. It’s time to explore an entirely new place with a new objective: Looking at the inter-relationships between text and image. I couldn’t quite get all of this new information in to my mind at first, but as the workshop on Tuesday progressed, I found myself wanting to think of new ideas and new ways of expressing a set piece of text to form imagery.

Of course, it’s tough at first, but once I got around to looking over a quote from the selected text, the task is is no longer seen as a ‘task’, or a ‘chore’. It became a new exciting way of finding out new information; a new way of expressing ones imagination, but visually.  The texts and images will be focusing on South Hampton (past and present).

From the research task, I started to look in to the ‘Graffiti on the wall’, which is a story about a brick that was found from old remains of, which I’m assuming was a house. Not too sure on that, but what stood out to me in this story was the brick itself and what was etched in to it-

                                                                         “On way to France.  

img_20161011_1239441Sidney Greenward 32081546 USA

Bronx New York.”

With that alone, I got many images of a soldier standing by the wall, carefully inputting these details, but not only that, the brick itself has become part of the history of South Hampton and has brought a community together with in the gallery. Not to mention, that the person who told the story, she was able to reunite with the man who did this (He happened to be her father).



Personally, I think this story was quite sentimental because it’s made history, while it’s created a lovely memory. Not only for the family, but for the community of South Hampton.

From this, I started to research about the walls of South Hampton and discovered, that there’s many graffiti with in the community. However, Banksy has been known to leave a few of his art pieces there now and then.  I want to keep looking deeper in to this particular piece of text, and start experimenting with the idea of ‘community’ and ‘reunion’ as a reflection of the place.

There was another piece of text I started to look in to, which was from the book called ‘A short history of South Hampton’, but admittedly, I couldn’t find anything that stood out to me as much as this piece.



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