Author: Collage workshop 2.

I wasn’t in for the workshop, but I eventually got around to checking out the brief and developing some more ideas, but for a new narrative piece: ‘The polar bears are yellow and dirty’.  This was taken once again from the extract about South Hampton’s zoo.

I didn’t know what to think about the text at first, besides the subject of abuse towards the animals, though, I started to pull out the words ‘yellow’ and ‘dirty’; those two words are strong among this sentence because it helps to give a clear visual on what the scene is like and how the bears looked like etc.

Task 1:Visual metaphor – each student to make 3 visual metaphor images.


I started to think a long the lines of how the bear can be dirty, but this was quite a struggle. I’m not too good with it, but I played around with many different ways on how to play along with the imagery and seeing where it can go.

I attempted to do some symbolism with objects or things that can relate to the polar bear.


This method did give me a little more freedom to think about more ideas to do with the sentence, and see the many possibilities and outcomes that can come out of it. I would eventually like to go back to the task and start to work on a metaphor from it.


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