Collage work shops week 1.

Pulling out three different sentences from the narratives that are all linked to South Hamptons’ past, present, future or just a fictional tale around the community of South Hampton, these texts were provided to us through a shared folder, which we’re now continuing to contribute more information and images to work with.

I found myself becoming very fond of short, specific aspects of only two of these three texts. They provide a very free view on how the text can create imagery and even just experimenting with collages, it allowed me to be very open to playing around with ideas.

So, getting back to the texts I’ve chosen, they were:

“On way to France

Sidney Greenward 32081546 USA

Bronx New York”

From this, I started to look in to images of Soldiers, war and anything related to the soldiers from the time period that, that message on the brick may have been written on. As this was seen as something historic, memorable and brought people together, I thought about how would people portray an event or capture one? and so, I went on to google and found a ton of images of photographs with the frames around them. I thought that this might play an interesting concept, if I were to capture the moment the soldier writes his message on the brick; it can be seen with in a photograph frame or even a camera lens.


My first collage attempt, I decided to rip away at each image, as it felt like a moment with in a memory that had been ripped out of history, but was being retold as just a figment. Another aspect I found to be quite interesting, was the use of the textured newspaper in the back because besides it stopping the paper from looking so plain, it made the image feel crisp, worn out and it had that old-time look.

Originally, I was planning on leaving this imagery alone, but I took it a step further by experimenting with the scanner and carefully moving  the collage around.

Seeing the two outcome were quite interesting to look at, but I wasn’t so confident about whether or not, this was able to portray or capture the moment of the soldier putting his message on the brick, however, I felt that the over all concept of the soldier being near the wall, with the lines of photos above does start to show some indication or link to it being a memory. I also decided to leave my hand exposed on the scanner to exaggerate that I’m holding up a photo. I admit that with the lack of colour, the collage appears to look a lot more flat.

When placing text to the said images, this task was a lot harder than I originally thought, this was due to the fact that, I had to be very careful with the way that I place the text to page. I had to also consider how the text would affect the image and how the placement of it, wouldn’t be too distracting.

So, I safely took the testing for the text in to Photoshop and started to play around with it. All of my results, I wasn’t too happy with;  this may have been a bad result, but I was quite happy with finding out new techniques as a reminder for myself in future.

When it came to developing the next collage, this time it was provided for the text “One day we went and some lads were hanging around James’ cage smoking cigarettes….but exaggerating the inhale and exhale. It was his party trick, he’d done it lots of times before.”

From just reading that, I could feel nothing, but disgust towards the treatment of the animals with in that zoo.

This was my final collage, I ripped up some of the more darker images to create some bars. These bars symbolise the cagement and restriction that these animals have.



Again, I started to develop this later in photoshop. The colour red was put in to help emphasise the anger, rage and disgust that  I have towards the treatment of the animals.


 I had to recall the methods I tried out from the first narrative and I tried applying a different method of the positioning and how the text is inserted with in the document, compared to the previous time.

Moving on to the last narrative, I felt that this one didn’t quite work out well either, but to quote the Grinch ‘These are what these tests are for!’. I wanted to depict this sensation of a warped view, as the text was very dark, twisted, “It consists of the remains of countless myriads of living creatures which once inhabited those old waters.”


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