Author:Reporter: Feed back, Metaphor and ideas development

After receiving some very helpful, useful feedback on the project and my ideas that I’ve gathered up so far, I found myself going back a step and rethinking my ideas. I thought about making one huge collage from many photo copies of just one narrative. While this idea was interesting at first, I felt that I was going no where with it. I had to consider the scale of my images, developments and how I was going to present them a little more.

img_20161025_115613 img_20161025_115532 img_20161025_113534 img_20161025_113515





Above, are a few of the photos of the A2 sized collage, which was simply torn up pieces of the photocopied collages used for the line ” and re-assembled on the table.

I know that now is probably not the best time to be thinking about final outcomes for the narrative, but as I continued to play around with ‘The polar bears were dirty and yellow’ and trying out the suggestions which Susanna kindly suggested; I tried making a prototype 3D model of a cage and quickly drew out a polar bear.

I trapped the bear, but as I started to photograph the cage, I noticed that the model was portraying this feeling of being forced, or trapped. There was very little space for the bear to move about in and I start to consider with just that, perhaps the polar bears in the Zoo felt like this? maybe they had limitation? to put emphasis on the words ‘dirty’ and ‘yellow’, I’m planning on developing this idea further with working with clay and compost to try and really exaggerate this idea.

Overall, I strongly believe that I need to constantly keep looking back and forth from my chosen narratives and start pulling apart the meanings behind it and linking it back to the imagery, as the image needs to show its relationship with the text. In my opinion, I think I need to start playing around with text and the concept in depth more.


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