Author:Reporter: Anthony Browne

As I’m going through my ideas, and the plans I have so far. I’m thinking of narrowing down my ideas. At first, I had planned to focus more on the story of the brick and try to think about how the brick has bought together the focus of reunion through a historical memory with in South Hampton. I was pretty excited to start developing this idea, as I had planned to do a short comic strip of the soldier scrawling over the wall, and then animating it, but I feel that this idea may not be very clear.

I progressed through trying out one more collage idea, which you can see in my previous post and it didn’t quite go as well as I planned it to. I wanted my idea and views to be expressed clearly and visible to the eyes of the viewer(audience). So, I decided to take a step back and look at the other narratives and I’m starting to think, that my other narrative which is more focused on South Hampton Zoo may provide me with more graphic and an interesting, more focused view.

The theme, if there is one for the narrative besides it being about South Hampton; I would very much like to start considering the mistreatment of the animals with in the zoo. For an adult to explain a memory from childhood so vividly, it’s quite enthralling.

For example, the monkey being handed a cigarette and then smoking it with what has been described with human-like traits, it reminded me of the author and illustrator Anthony Browne.

I’ve been focusing on his book ‘Gorilla’ as the story shows the Gorilla doing human traits, but there was one particular image that struck me as a link to my idea.


What strikes me about this image, is that the muted tones help to influence this mood of calmness, but my sight cannot be diverted from the emotionless expressions that both of the animals make. They almost pull you in, especially the tigers. I may keep this in mind, that colour, texture and even simple change of facial expressions can change up an image.


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