Author:Reporter: Artist and morning task

Friday morning broke the usual routine of producing some new ideas to contribute towards the South Hampton project; why? we were able to go around the class and check out all of the interesting concepts that each colleague has been working on, or are focusing on.

This short task was actually quite enjoyable, as it allowed us to grasp what each of us are up to and it helps us to consider how we could use a similar method or idea to put towards our own. Another thing, that I came across was how each out take was different in their own way, even if two people are using the same piece of text from one book or resource provided; both of their pieces are taken in to different contexts and/or they appear different.

Following on from that, we visited the Woman’s library to check out the artist book collection. There were some things we had to consider and think about while checking them out:

  • Mood
  • Idea
  • Relationship
  • Form
  • tone
  • line
  • layout
  • composition

Quite a few of them were pretty interesting from what I’ve heard from the rest of the team, but I shall talk about the following three which I’ve looked at:

Erasmus is Late by Liam Gillick.

Created in 1995, published by Book Works, London.
When I checked this book out for the first time, I was pretty curious of what the contents was about. The text was layout out formally and pretty much appeared to me like one of those old-styled books.  I wasn’t particularly keen nor did my attention keep focused on the text itself, but the front cover was pretty intriguing. It was crisp and the edges of the dust cover weren’t sharp at all. The feel and look of it was pretty nice.

I also enjoyed other little aspects of this book’s appearance, such as the title on the front of the book being hole-punched out. It was a nice use of displaying the title.

As I wasn’t too sure on what the book was about, I did some research about it. There were quite a few definitions for Erasmus:

Def 1. European Region Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students.

A programme throughout Europe for students living abroad for either one or two semesters. It’s goal is to improve the students language and expose them to a foreign language.


Def 2. a male given name: from a Greek word meaning “beloved.”.


Emissions book by Katherine Maynell

This book on the other hand, was very interesting. Inside each plastic slot, there would be these little pullouts which would contain little objects in relation to the book. While the design was interesting, I wasn’t very fond of the contents. It was quite… disturbing? It’s contents was about pushing the body and the mind beyond it’s boundaries.

Horl’s outlandish and endangered species by Horl Mikel.

Last book. Celebrate.

I particularly like this book, it was a very nice change from the previous two, but it left my thoughts and feelings refreshed with every single page.

It was a book which contained mainly illustrations, as it was a witty colouring book about endangered species.

Each page was thick and had a nice textured feel.





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