Author:Reporter: Artist recommendations

Looking back on the suggestions of artists and designers to look at. I picked out a few, who have had influence, or I’ve taken interest to in relevance to the collage workshops.

Hannah Hoch

A Berlin Dada artist, most known for being a member with in the movement. Her work explicitly explores through the form of photo montage the issues of gender and the figure of women with in society.


5bfb2704661606f218315dbc97a9def8While her work is very playful in the way she plasters the cut outs to the canvas/paper, each piece is different and unique in their very own form. They’re all very distinct from each other in terms of form, structure, mood and colour schemes. For me, they seem to bring up a lot of questions- What’s the point she’s trying to express? was there a motif? The fact that they’re unusual with their own aspects, I think a thing that stands out to me is the textured backdrops and murky colour tones. 

Dada Puppen (Dada Dolls) (1916)

Kurt Schwitters

Not a big fan, but I can admit that I’m very fond with how graphic and bold his collages are.


Anthony Gerace

A collage artist, he uses  blocks to collage his work. In my own opinion, his work appears to be very simple and unique in it’s own context. I’ve never seen a collage presented in the way he’s done it before, so it’s very refreshing for me. I adore the use of tones he uses through out each piece.


Bill Braggs

Co-founder of LE GUN. His work is bold, vivid and he uses a lot of solid colour. From glancing back to several of his narrative now and then, it’s helped me a little in to how I can present my final pieces and what colours I can use, as colour can be a way of expressing mood or help to change the audiences mood. I admire the variety of different marks and depth used for his drawings.


Manchester based studio. Composed of two designers.

They had a challenge of creating a collage each day for a year. While their style is very bold and graphic, I find most of their collages appear to be very playful.



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