CIP; Pastiche1560: Wayfinding Exercise

Referring to a system of information that helps to guide people, or individuals through a specific, set system or/and route that gives them an understanding and experience on the space around them. 

A video story boarding workshop was set for this day.

Going off in our groups, we separated in to two separate teams. The editing team would go and learn some techniques in Premier, while the second group, which is the content group would go and find, collect and record the content needed for our very own wayfinding video.

Our group were set with creating a guided/navigated video that would help lead someone from the Mac room to the lecture theatre on the 5th floor.

The images needed to be set out clearly, and at least have some consideration on where they can be taken, in order for the viewer to understand it, as it’s the photographs duty to navigate a complete stranger through to where they need to go. Also, the music or narration helps to keep the viewer/audience focused.

It was actually pretty interesting, now that I start to think back on it. I didn’t think I would ever enjoy a group task as much as I did this one, but I was able to understand how to co-operate with other individuals and understand the many considerations that must be made when putting together a photo montage.


Things to consider in future:

  • Timing
  • Content for the video
  • what the content is going to be?
  • how will the content navigate the viewer?
  • How will the content or what can I do to make the content understandable to the viewer?
  • Music? narration?

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