Author:Reporter- Premier Pro introduction and editing

A pretty fun lesson. I can finally admit that I learnt a little bit extra about Premier pro this term. We got to analyse, edit and practice making and pulling apart video sequences in order to set or make a specific transition.

Along side that, we also learnt about each transition; what they are and what they look like once applied to a film/clip.

What I found particularly interesting about one of the aims of this practice was, that we had to figure out; think and consider the methods between premier and the project were going to work out. As the person who is directing the program (Premier pro), you need to make very careful considerations on where your content is going to go; where it’s going to be placed, how it’s going to transition in to the next clip. You also need to keep in mind, that if you were to consider the narrative, you need to make sure that you’re narrative is understandable for the audience. 

Here are some notes I made:
  • How am I going to create meaning from that?
  • Formulating a working method between project and tool
  • What am I going to show?

also, started to put together sequences and cut up sequences to form different transitions and cuts (cutting on edge, cut away, cross cut, jump cut, L and J cut, Match cut, fade in and out, dissolve, iris, smash cut, wipe, invisible cut and parallel cut.)

((Video transition edits to come soon!))




One thought on “Author:Reporter- Premier Pro introduction and editing

  1. Ricardo Eversley says:

    Really enjoyed reading through this Shaih. Nice analysis and reflection. Looking forward to seeing some of the outcomes. Key tip: Remember to really concentrate on the story, the moment and what you are trying to say.


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