CIP: Pastiche brief 1560

Since receiving the brief, I’ve been looking in to and narrowing down who I would like to talk about and create the video. The brief wants us to develop a video between 15 and 60 seconds highlighting and demonstrating our critical thinking of someone with major, creative purpose of influence with in the arts/creative industry.

At first, I couldn’t really narrow down who I wanted to pick. There’s a lot of different practitioners who I’ve kept an eye on, on social media for years now and I eventually narrowed it down to Rebecca Sugar (The creator of Steven Universe) and Ru Paul (Mostly known for her series ‘Ru Paul’s Drag race). They’re both very inspirational and have a huge social media influence, but to different kinds of people and categories.

However, as I only have to pick one. I’ve come to the decision of Ru Paul. As someone who has been influenced, inspired and has been a avid fan of her work for many years, I think she has major influence over the LGBT community online and offline.

I want to focus the talk on how Ru’s started off and how her career took off and influenced, inspired others. I started to think about what kind of things I’ll need to question myself, while thinking about the content or at least gathering it.

  1. How did she start off?
  2. Where or how she got to where she is now?
  3. Influence- Who is she influenced by? what did she do to influence thousands of other drag queens and people?
  4. Marketing- What does she sell? what does she do as a practitioner?
  5. How does she present herself? any social media accounts?
  6. Events? productions?
  7. How will the video navigate the audience? Short and sweet?
  8. Will the video have music?
  9. Type? images? will they be a series of found images? internet? drawn? books? will it be a photo montage? timing?
  10. Will the notes that I want to talk about be very brief or long?




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