Making a Living: Market Ready Brief

A little bit late on this update, but I wanted to make sure that I’ve got this updated now, as this was a briefing I missed. Thankfully, I’ve been updated; thanks to those who had updated me with the plan.

Our group, group two are planning on this Market Ready brief to create Christmas cards that will have decorations that you can pull off of it and use. When this was discussed with me on the following week, it was quite an interesting idea and following that, I started to think about all of the many things, that as a team/group we might have to think about:

  • Plan/Making process of the card.
  • Who are our target audience? who is it aimed at? age range or is there a specific label or group of people that these cards are aimed for?
  • Cost? Not only will we need to think about the cost to sell these cards, we’ll need to think about how much money will it cost to make this card.
  • How do other companies or people sell their cards or promote them?
  • Is there a particular running style with this card?
  • Team logo? tag line?
  • Will the group have a facebook page or twitter page to help advertise the cards?
  • How will the cards be designed?
  • Will they come with envelopes? will there be a greeting inside the card, or will it be blank?
  • How will they be sold? in batches or separately?
  • Size and density of the card?

I spent about 5-10 minutes listing out some ideas, then following that I decided to check out how other shops sell their cards and what the designs looked like. This was to help me get a firm grasp on what might be needed for the designs; the costs of the cards, how many cards come in one batch and so on.



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