Author:Reporter: Video/Animation Research

After looking back on the premier pro workshop, I started to think back on all of the work I’ve produced so far; I have yet to update with some more sketches and draft ideas from James the monkey and I’m trying to collate my thoughts in to one subject to focus on which is in connection with South Hampton. However, I’m confident that my theme will focus mainly on the mistreatment of the animals with in South Hampton zoo and I’m pretty positive that I want to focus on creating a short animation to go a long side this project.

I started to flick through a playlist of anime and manga advertisements, that I’m very fond of and I found one, that stood out to me. I’ve got an idea of wanting to make the transitions of each still image reflect on how grungy, dirty and disturbing the events described with in the story given.


This was a short preview for the anime series ‘Noragami’ and what I particularly like about this, is that it’s sequencing a highlight which has been pulled out from the manga, but has shown it in a series of edited still images. I’m pretty fond how how well the imagery and effects sync in with the music. It’s very well times. Besides that, I’m going to have to think about how the imagery can give the text context.

I’ll also have to think about what I’m going to show to give that text meaning.



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