Author: Found research on South Hampton Zoo

Both enthralled and disgusted at this video that I found. enthralled because there’s actually video footage on it and disgusted at the fact, that they went ahead and treated this kind of subject as merely ‘practicing for the tv set’ kind of thing. Then again, it was pretty normal for zoos and circuses to train animals in anyway they can back in those days.

A good side note about this video is: it officially shows who James the monkey is. The same monkey that was mentioned in the narrative text, the one that took the cigarette. I start to brood on this evidence though, whether maybe the owners or trainers of those animals taught him how to smoke or did he naturally learn from those who offered him those sort of things?

A nice step forward, may be for me to possibly look back on animals being treated in human-like roles, for example, how Anthony Browne has portrayed the Gorilla in his book as doing human traits or dressing up in clothes.


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