Author: Type workshop

Not the first time, I’ve had to do this workshop, but the results are always so fresh and they help to open up a path of new ideas and techniques, that I could put to use in future.

Starting off, I brought in my pretyped sentences in the font styles that I wanted. I felt that doing it this way, would be more efficient and save time, instead of going through every letter in the alphabet and scribbling it down and having to repeat said method again. It would’ve taken me ages to compose a sentence that way as well, but getting back to the point; I started to trace the word ‘trapped’ over and over in the font style of ‘Chiller’.

Chiller’s font is… pretty cheesy. However, in the theme of enclosure, I started to think about what kind of font face would suit the word ‘trapped’ and when I start to think about it, I think about tight spaces, horror, being stuck and complete darkness.

The darkness limits you.

By playing around with these texts, I start to think about how I lay them out; how I present the text will affect the over all image and sometimes, where the text is placed, it needs to be placed in such a way that it helps give the imagery context.
I started to think that repeating the word ‘trapped’ could come out as intriguing, due to the placement and how many times I had used the word. I was wrong. I had to think a little deeper than just overlaying. I had to use the text appropriately and what kept coming back to my mind was ‘Will the audience be able to understand the concept of the image?’
I also think the way I laid it out, so the ‘trapped’ is trapping the image in, is to exaggerate the meaning.


One thought on “Author: Type workshop

  1. Susanna Edwards says:

    Good regular blogging Shaih. Think about more experimentation with type and look at the quality of your photography- why not go up to the first year studio and use the photographic back drop and lights to document your 2D and 3D experiments. some of your work looked good stuck up on the window last week – you could try photographing that.

    I look forward to seeing your work in class tomorrow!! Keep going you are really well engaged.


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