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After reconciling with my thoughts and ideas, I’m still trying to consider how I will present one of my ideas: ‘The polar bears are dirty and yellow’.

A 3D piece. ‘Okay, I’m quite certain this will be understood right away.’ I start to think, but it doesn’t stop me from thinking the opposite as well. I need to start thinking from another persons perspective in the way that I present this idea, and that I need to make sure that the idea is clear and the theme can be seen. In my last post where I had made a prototype, I started to think about the subject of mistreatment and enclosure.

In a small sketchbook, I started to draft out some ideas in 2d because I thought it would be a good start, that will help me plan out how the bear may be presented if it was in 3d. It’s also quite reflective because it’s opening my mind up to see how a 2d concept can or could become 3d. I would eventually like to see how far I can take this experimentation, but there’s a time limit.


Luckily, one of the Solent students had kindly uploaded some sketches of the Polar Bears at the zoo over in South Hampton and I was able to check out some books about Polar bears to give me a firm grasp of their form and how they carry themselves.

As clay is quite a nice, handy material to work with, it’s mucky form will be a striking reference to the word ‘dirty’. So, I may look in to developing a clay piece to help link to this particular narrative.

Other all, I’ve learnt that the outcomes from simple sketches or medium experiments don’t always have to be perfect. By using these skills and using them over and over, you can harvour new techniques that’ll soon help to build/develop a new idea.


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