Pastiche 1560: StoryBoarding and update

After being given an update on the brief, I started to talk to a few other individuals about who I wa focusing on for the Pastiche 1560 video. Discussing my ideas and my plans f what I was going to do, helped to clear my mind  little. It’s also safe to say, that I go  few ideas after Karl spoke to me about his plans and what he intended to do.

I strongly believe, that my next step would be to start looking in to Ru Paul’s style a little more and see how they express themself as a creative with in the fashion industry.

I did start going over old, recordings I had of his Drag Race shows on my TV Box set; I also started to find some composed run-way looks to give me an idea on how I could present my video.

When I replayed the video a few times, I started to see a runnig theme of his style being ‘Elegant’, ‘Sophisticated’, ‘Passionate’ and ‘Bold’. tere’s also a colour theme, I’m starting to pull from these and I may have to start re-thinking about my narrative. I feel that through every fashionable look, that he pulls off; more and more of his drag persona shows through. I may want to consider mentioning that in the video.


HOWEVER, I have been considering in looking back at Rebecca Sugar as a possible person to pastiche about instead. For a few years now, she’s been so influentual to my more colourful and bolder productions towards my way of working and producing illustrations. Yet, I may need to think over these ideas and with the content I’ve gathered so far and start to play around with the story boards I’ve created for both practisioners.

Rebecca Sugar is mostly known for being the creator of ‘Steven Universe’.


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