Author:Reporter: Main focus. Deciphering the text

To clear things up, I’m going to update with the following:

  • My main text (s) that I’ll be focusing on.
  • Futher development plans.
  • Where I’m going to go from there.

I don’t think I’ve made it entirely clear, what my main text is going to be yet, but the two texts are drawn from the story in the email and it’s about South Hampton’s Zoo (which no longer exists).

“The polar bear was yellow and dirty. Not like the snow

white one from the Fox’s Glacier Mint advert. It looked skinny, diminished,


As I started to iscuss before, with the terms ‘yellow’ and ‘dirty’ in the text Anna Vickers starts to describe the state of the water with in the park.  On the other hand, with those two terms the text could be interpretted in any way possible. I was planning on re-making a logo in connection to the Fox’s glacier mint advert mascot and replacing it with the malnourished, old polar bear and see how it affects the imagery then.

Also, the colour yellow; as said before, it helps to create mood and emotion, but usually the moods associated with that colour in particular can turn out to be more joyful and playful. It’s kind of amusing how ‘yellow’ and ‘dirty’ contradict how they can come across.

I could either take this translation directly by creating a dirty, yellow Polar bear or I can be playful? I might start to think about this furter and play around with the clay sculture a bit more before deciding.

“James put it to his lips and smoked the whole

thing, just like the lads who had given it to him, but exaggerating the inhale and

exhale. It was his party trick, he’d done it lots of times before.”

INHALE… and exhaaaale…

I have a strong feelin that the text may be more effective for this particular image, but I would like to create an animation for this. I’m thinking of showing as a direct reference to the video I looked at as influence.

What particularly struck out at me from this quote is ‘It was his party trick, he’d done it lots of times before.’ that in particular could also be taken in either a literal translation or in a sort of more comical way. For example, I added a party hat to the chimp on my sketches to help portray this line. I seem to associate parties with hats, bright colours and for ‘trick’, I could only think of the cigarette being part of the trick.



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