Author:Reporter: Stencils and Mono prints


Taking photocopies of our work that we’ve produced so far (for me, I took my draft ideas relating to the zoo text), we focused our attention on creating many stencil prints and mono prints. In doing this, it allows us to be more open and experimentive with how we can place text to the image, or even placing symbolic shapes to build a connection between text and image.

Chose these drawings, as at that point of time; they were the only ones I came to be very fond of, but they also started to portray the meaning I wanted to depict with in my narrative.

When it came to the stencil printing, I was a little slow, as my stencil had to be redone, due to the text being to big for the screen. I’ll have to bear this in mind for future reference.

Being playful with the choice of symbols and shapes, I thought of putting in a couple of rectangles, but having them close together to resemble bars. The same bars that are often use to cage things in. I made them nice and thick, to reensure that they can be clearly seen on the print. Although, I think the thickness helps add to how strong the bars can be, or how they can be dominating.


Choosing the colour ‘Yellow’, this is another direct reference to the quote ‘The polar bear was yellow and dirty’. I feel that, it needed to be yellow as well because yellow can be a bold, striking colour and especially if it’s on the white, it’ll really stand out viivdly among the black and white lines of the illustrations. Yellow can also be a symbol to many moods and emotons, or even actions. For example, whenever I think of this colour, I think of the word or action of being ‘cowardly’. Then, when I think about that word with this particular quote, I start to think about the polar bear. The reason behind it being so dirty and yellow, is because of the humans who didn’t take care of it. They allowed the polar bear to get in to that state. The humans being cowardly towards their own actions and duty.

Satisfied with my outcomes, I started to learn about how I should consider laying out the text or the symbol on the page. The layout of a piece of text could affect how someone else will see the image or the text. So, I may need to keep that in mind as well. I would like to start thinking of making some silk screen prints in future though.

In particular, I’m pretty fond of the monkey with the text that says ‘Trapped’. It’s very plain, but with the dash of colour to it, it helped to highlight the cigarette that’s firmly lodged between his lips.

As the monoprinting started, I realised that I was admiring all of the blotchy, grubby textures and patterns that were coming out of each result. They may come in handy for background or any future textural ideas during the development of final ideas. Personally, I did start to see some good ideas develop on from doing this workshop and it’s given me an idea of possibly binding all of these prints and creating them in to a book.

Also, if I were to talk about one or two specific monoprint outcomes that I think helped to convey (insert quote). I think it would be these below:


As I recall the description from the text, I could only think about how sometimes when you visit a Zoo, there’s signs saying ‘DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS’, I wanted to exaggerate on this idea as it links back to the restriction that these animals had.

Overall, I’m generally starting to get a clear idea of what I want to do. I may also sync these final four prints in to an animated gif sequence or edit them further in Photoshop.




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