Author:Reporter: What to call this blog post?

..Continued development, maybe? Looking way, way, way back to about 4 weeks ago. I started to work on the text ‘The Polar bear was yellow and dirty’ in 3D. I had constructed  simple paper structure and started to take many photos to see in many ways, how an object or a specific scene can be seen from a different perspective from another angle.

As it was a memory, that the author started to discuss, I started to play around with the many ‘old’ and ‘vintage(?)’ looking filters with in the camera settings. A I recall, I state that I was quite interested in seeing how this project may develop further, but with a clay model.

Some may know, that from working with clay; you can obtain many results. Even if it’s wrinkly, worn off or the whole thing falls to pieces, you can pick it up ad work from it again. I started to form the Polar bear model based on the sketches of the Polar bear I developed. I wanted the bear to look run down, depressed and malnurished. The author highlighted that the animal in the Zoo didn’t look anything like the ones on the Fox’s Glaciers ad. The mascot’s pretty ‘peppy’; relaxed and happy from observing the footage. Which made me come to the conclusion, that the animals were mistreated to the point where they look lifeless?

I’m now starting to consider, that I may want to develop a small book with photographs of the Polar bear as one of my final outcomes? I’m not entirely sure yet, but when I form all of the images together, I’m starting to question myself again with the same question of ‘What is it I want to tell?’; ‘what is it I want to show and how am I going to clearly show that?’

Although, I may start to think more about sequencing all of the photographs in to a gif image and see the results. I’m very fond of ll o these images so far, as they start to show a build up of a animal who… actually, I admit myself that the clay model looks slightly depressed.



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