Pastiche 1560: Rebecca Sugar

I’m positively confirming that I’m going to be chosing (as you can tell by the title) Rebecca Sugar as my practicioner for the Pastiche brief presentation. So, I would like to just highlight what I’ll be reflecting on and start discussing why I chose her.


Quick doodle of her.

Sugar’s an artist, composer, director and is mostly known for her work with Adventure time, Singles and her graphic novel : ‘Pug Davis’. However, what she’s most known for is her series Stevn Universe, which airs on Cartoon Network.

When CN greenlit her series, this helped to make her the first female cartoon creator with in the networks industry.

She also illustrated Estelle’s album ‘True Romance’.

As you may notice, I have previously mentioned her work in the past year or so and i admit I’m a pretty huge fan of the show. I admire how expressive her art style is and it’s easy to recognise straight away. For her writing style, I find it to be very inspiring.

She’s able to portray a difficult scenario, but she handles and depicts it delicately. Another thing, I must add to this would be that through the characters she creates; the characte development is so life like, that sometimes I do forget that they’re fictional and not real.

For example, these are screenshots from one of the episodes. Besides the facial expressions of the characters, with the use of colour schemes it helps strengthen the emotion of that particular character in it’s scenario.


Story board examples.

Through out, she’s able to maintain a quirky, but bold style that stands out. It’s expressive, but simple. It’s particularly difficult for me to describe, but when looking through the majority of doodles, story boards or episodes she’s produced or helped to produce. I’m starting to see a running style.

I’m planning on having a series of what may appear to be still images, but there will be little aspects of the image moving.

The ending song footage. I’m rather fond of how the shirt moves, or how certain aspects (the stars for example) move in a such a delicate way. In my opinion, I would like to re-animate something similar with the backgrounds of the still images.





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