Author:Reporter: Final outcome ideas

From further feedback from Emily, I’ve had a thought about what I’ve produced and taken in to consideration what she’s suggested, so:

  1. I’m going to continue the development with myimg_20161119_064416 Polar bear clay figure (MORE IMAGES TO COME OF THIS). In relation to the text ‘The polar bear was yellow and dirty’, I’ll create a stop motion animation where the Polar bear will gradually be plastered with yellow from the pastels I have. When I think back on this as my outcome, I start to think back on the sketches with pastel I did in my brown sketch book. I adored playing around with blending the two bold colours with each other, and having it slowly build up.When it comes to the production, I may have to take in consideration how I’m going to place the camera when I take photos of it.

    I’ve started to map out an idea of how i want the animation to be, and what the possible angles I might use.

  2.  Second final outcome: Developing three or more posters in silk screen to develop from the monkey illustration I had. (I’ll discuss this more soon)
  3. Monoprint stop motion animation which will also highlight James situation at the zoo. It will be broadcasted frame by frame and I’ll basically be adding more and more detail to the image, until the scene changes.



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