Pastiche 1560: Development of narrative for the video.

Yes, as a reminder to the previous post in connection to this project. My chosen person is Rebecca Sugar.

I’ve come up with some ideas for how i’m going to discuss the narrative; for those who need another reminder or haven’t checked the linked post, the narrative will be for me to comment on the style of the artist. Her drawings are very expressive, but as for the story telling part, there’s many sensitive themes.

I had an idea that possibly, I could re-create the backgrounds in the style of her most recognised series ‘Steven universe’, however, the backgrounds will be chosen photos that I’ve taken, but then later editted in Photoshop so they appear in a similar style to hers.

Then, with each transition, as I noticed on the ending song, they seem to fade gradually and very delicately from one scene to the next. I could use this as a connection to the fact that her writing style is pretty sensitive, but has been approached and dealt with through the story delicately?

I also noticed the signature shirt, that appears to be there, as well. I may add that in, and try and see if I can animate little bits. The deadline is so soon, so I’m hoping I can get at least an hour to get the video together.

As for sound, I’m going to record myself playing the ukele and try and sync it in with the image transitions.





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