Author:Reporter: Animation

After obtaining the feedback, I added sound to my possible final outcome animation created in Premier and after effects.


The illustrations were created from a series of monoprints, which I had developed and then sequences together to help retell the story of what happened to James the chimpanze at South Hampton zoo.

With the transitions, while I do have a slight disagreement with how it turned out. I feel like I may be able to come back to it again over the holiday and make adjustments to get it running properly.



CIP: Pastiche 1560: After tesing.

After testing out the transitions, I came to the conclusion that I need to find another way of being able to directly communicate what I’m trying to say about Sugar’s characters and how she brings them to life throug emotion, expressions and the colours she uses.

Even after re-drawing her characters in my style, but in the way that they’ve been similarly animated through out their sequences; I’ve tried it, but the message didn’t seem to be coming across. Instead of adjusting and starting again, I created a new story board.


As I re-watched some clips again, especially during the songs that are with in the more sensitive scenarios. I noticed that she uses objects to symbolise another thing, which then helps to make that scene transition in to the next one. For example, with the story board, I could use the heart as a symbol for love. Then it’ll split, fall and become a tear.

If you skip to 0:35 in the video, there was a series of different objects transitioning in to another thing; a tear to a rose, which grew. Then the rose petals fell one by one and became heart shaped petals.



After re-aligning and animating the sequence again, I felt that I wasn’t exploring the emotional nor scene parts enough. I may want to consider putting in more imagery to help make the animation a little stronger, but so far, it’s been both frustrating and rewarding because I’m finding these little mistakes and possibilities along the way and I’m either fixing them or learning something new from them.

This time, with the images, I may either redraw the rest of the images in her style or collage them, depening on whether the artwork is animated or from one of her graphic novels.

I’m also starting to figure out, that it does NEED more imagery to help back up the idea. I’m going to keep testing and producing more images to go with the sequence, but I’m being very, very specific about the imagery chosen because I want it strictly to show how she brings these characters to life.

Author:Reporter: The Voice auditions

.. Ignore the title. I couldn’t think of anything witty this time, but in regards to what Idiscussed previously, I recalled a series I watched when I was very young and I can safely say, that I am influenced greatly by Rik Mayall’s performances with shows such as The Young ones, Bottom, Filthy rich and catflap, but I want to direct your attention to the footage below.

The way he exaggerates  certain lines; he ives such life to the words and is able to create imagery with just the change of his voice. I found that pretty remarkable, when it came to rewatching a few of these over the last hour or so. From this, I may take the idea of adding in really exaggerated voices, so people can be able to remember the picture better or link the voice with the image of the lad offering the chimp a ciggarette.

PECHA KUCHA interim assessment part 1

As nerve wrecking as it was, which I always seem to describe these presentation as. I was expecting to get quite a lot of things for me to probably add to my project, but came back with a lot of possitive. The feedback has pretty much helped me through out this project, so it’s great to get an insight in to how I can take my project a tad further.

There’s still ongoing progress with the Polar bear animation; I feel that I can do a lot more with the stop motion. Nonetheless, I could also halt any continuation of that particular project and start with a entirely new one? However, with the narration of the images streamed together, I think I’m finally reaching to completion with it. Taking the advice on board today, I had a last minute idea, in relation to the adding of narration.

The advice I was given was to maybe add some sound to help the after effects animation narrate?

Well, I thought of doing a voice over and reading the text, but I wanted to do it humourously, as if I was to retell the story to a young child. The monoprint images used through out the moving image were quite playful, and they did remind me of illustrations from a childrens book. Also, as the animals were treated as pretty much nothing, but a joke and were not taken care of. I want to make light heart of it.

In the next update, I’ll start to discuss my idea and bring forh some more research ideas.

Pastiche 1560: Testing the video and transitions

The video may not have all of its content, yet. However, I’m becoming exceedingy frustrated with the testing progress. You know, when you have an idea in your mind, but you can’t quite grasp it once it’s created? It’s pretty much that. I figured out that having a seperate introduction screen at the begining for the artist’s name would be a bit too much, although, I decided to overlay her name on one of the moving images instead. I didn’t particularly want to get rid of the background idea, but I was going to drop it, due to the fact that my narrative is to focus on the characters she creates, not the backgrounds.

In spite of that, the backdrops/backgrounds do play a huge role in guiding the character to another place or the colours, lighting in the background help to set the scene for them.

At first, as I said I was going to leave it with just the image I had created for the title, but after some experimentation in after effects with the ‘write on’ effect; I found that there was an interesting result coming out of it.


Above is an example of the write on effect. Frame by frame, if you move the pointer for the brush; it allows you to reveal a section of the layer.It was pretty quick and easy to use, so I may use it again, once proceeding further in to the video. On the other hand, I have to bear in mind with how I’m going to strictly base this video in with Sugar’s style. With her animations, especially on transitions, it all depends on the mood or the moment. With the ending sequences, the moving images are slow, delicate and each image transitions by fading one in to another. Although, if I were going to consider this method, it might be a bit too busy.

After that. I started to throw in all of the videos, which I had animated and created in Photoshop. When it came to positioning them all; one by one. I felt that perhaps my narrative isn’t clear enough? It may be just the way that each image is being transitioned, but I did start to test different transitions of when they appear on the screen.

Indeed, I’ve tried to keep to the style with the same colour schemes, lighting; I think that I could try making this clearer by adding text. I don’t think imagery alone will be able to convey the narrative that I want to express.

CIP: Pastiche 1560: Tackling development with the other characters

I believe I mentione another one of Sugar’s works before, which was ‘Singles’. If not, go check it out; while it’s got its quirks, it also maintains her style.

In the last hour or so, I’ve quickly developed another two digital outcomes. I started to look at the more confused, lost and curious expressions more. While I wanted to maintain aspects of her style, I tried to keep to how quirky th character appeared to be.



It was pretty interestng to see how I was going to translate this emotion of curiousity, but it was a little difficult at first. I had to keep in to consideration the same pallet she used or the thickness of the lines; I wanted to keep it as close as possible.



This one was  little easier. I’m use to drawing shocked, or slightly more serious expressions for my own characters, but I was loving the use of the brighter tones on the dark.


Next, I’ll start to apply similar styles to her next character from Pug Davis. I want to see how many ways I can try and follow her style of expressions and binging the characters to life through this.