ADOTW: Old Xian

So, tell us why Shaih, you had to keep us waiting so long for a new Artist/designer of the week?

Well, you tell me. There’s an array of many designers/artists that I’ve been itching to discuss or mention over the holiday, and I pretty much had to play ‘eenie-meenieo’ with this one. Old Xian has been such an amazing influence, she has opened up my whole entire experience with narratives and comics over the past year and a half.

From her funny short comic gags, to the other aspects, I’m very fond of her comic ’19 Days’.


Besides the use of humour and story telling, another thing that strikes me is how she’s able to build relationships between the characters with in the story.

I also enjoy her use of colour; as I repeat quite a lot. It helps to set a mood for the reader.

Even the was she has used it or the lighting, it’s very fine and not too dominant among the other aspects.


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