Author: Developing the following outcomes

From my last discussion of developing these ideas, I’ll highligh what I’ve learnt from producing and putting the final outcomes together, so they’re  ready for the Interim assessment.

The Polar Bear was yellow and dirty.

While the lighting was very dim in my room, due to the fact that the lighting in my house isn’t very good, to be honest. I tried my best by positioning a lamp nearby and using the light on my phone to create these intense shadows; doing so, it helps to show the wrinkles and nice curvy lines among the Polar bears expression.

As I saw all of the photographs placed together in the folder, I found myself very satisfied because I was able to produce this concept without thinking too much about how it will turn out, even with the lighting issues. The imagery among each one feels very secluded.

Sequencing the images together in to one video, I started to try out various ways of how the video can change or show different contexts by cropping down the whole image. I found this short exercise to be very rewarding, as it’s helped me to come to the final decision of how I want this stop motion to be presented.

While I’m pretty happy with the second video outcome in premier, the video runs a little too fast for me to grasp where and when the smudges are added on. I may need to consider slowing down the pace a little, so the colour and dirty is gradually laying on.



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