CIP: Market ready presentation practice

It went rather well. All members did very well, especially the ones who talked about the idea and what we were publishing did pretty good. I was so proud of us all, and that we were able to come to a final decision in time to present it.

Our feedback, I was able to get some of it and note it down:

  • Font for the header is too big.
  • Bullet points for the content.
  • Stall- illustration needs to be more detailed and clear. Probably needs to hav he items, such as the banner or any props to be labeled?
  • Products- Examples.
  • Logo is too big. It needs to be smaller.
  • Examples of promotion- Facebook, Twitter or a website.
  • Roles.
  • Competitor.

I found this presentation to be very helpful, it gives me an idea of what was to come and helps to think about what to consider, if in future, if I were ever to be presenting a new idea in front of someone or a client. I need to be able to provide a clear idea and have the theme clearly shown through out.


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