CIP: Market ready research

I did this… I’m going to exaggerate, but I did this forever ago. No, but right at the begining of being handed the brief. I spent a weekend checking out the newly opened shops, that were preparing for Christmas. This was all the way back in October, but one shop had been opened up again, after being closed down for about 6 or 7 years.

I didn’t have any access to the stalls at Maidstone’s market that’s open on a Tuesday and a Saturday, but from the top of my head, I can recall that the majority of the hand-made based items that were sold at stalls would be pretty cheap, or the items would be food… or even cheap hand-made birthday cards, where their quality didn’t even match the price the stall were charing for each one. I noticed that majority of the customers who visited that particular stall, didn’t buy anything from them. The audience were also elderly or mid-30’s to early 40 aged people with young children.

Anyhow, Card factory. I checked out this particular store as they could be a possible competitor, like John Lewis. They sell Christmas cards at any time of the year, and I checked out their designs and how they co-ordinated them on display.

Besides cards, they had other objects on display. All festive and they had a running colour scheme going.


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