CIP: Previous design work for an old, closed down website I had. Plans, ccs and techniques that I could use for future use.

From looking back at our Market ready project, it reminded me of all of the websites I use to build for fans of graphic design or of anime.

It really took me back, considering it was about 6 or 7 years ago when I decided to have fun in learning how to code with CCS and Javascript. While it was hard, but I thougt that htis was a good source of sharing on resources to whoever needed it. I remember the struggle of trying to put out my work to people or my ideas, but I eventually found a way.

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Through social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook. I had my very own account for each website and with the help of a automatic bot, which I programmed; it helped to tweet every 5 to ten minutes a new update or advertisement for those sites.

Now that, that’s been said, I’ve been considering of building a personal portfolio that would display all of the sketches, comics and anything that I work on at home.

Although, I have to consider my audience, pricing of the domain, name of the domain, where I’m going to host it? I also have to once again think of a logo and how the layout of the website is going to be presented, to make it user friendly.



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