Market Ready: Card designs + Research

Like many, when it came to thinking about the creature designs for the Christmas cards, I did a little bit of research first to think about how to make the creatures a little more appealing and the first thing I looked at was designs for Pokemon. Why? Well, when it comes to creating monsters or creatures, I always use them as a source of inspiration. Being the big, no. HUGE fan that I am of this particular series, I wanted to see how I can pull off a unique design.

Each Pokemon comes with its own quality, or style and I admit, that for my first design for the card, it was purely influenced by one of the designs for an unpublished Pokemon.

I admired the simple, cute, weird design this particular creature had, but I couldn’t understand why they didn’t release it.


You can find more of the unused designs here.

I also had to consider the audience, so if our audience is young families with children, they have to appeal to the adults and the child.

I wanted to keep it very festive, by adding things such as bells or scarves, and even with the colours of red and green helps to show that.



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