Market ready- portfolios and keeping a pinterest account

I may be throwing myself under the bus by saying this, but I missed Making a living week. I felt terrible and while I was adviced to stay at home and rest, I went and did some work while trying to get better in the mean time to make up.

Looking at those who attended and to see what they learnt or what was said, I did some research on how to present a portfolio and I made a new Pinterest account just for my University based use.

I felt that by doing this, I’m able to keep an eye on what interests me, or inspires me as a practicioner, but I can see what other ideas have been created already.

I can also use it as a way of sharing my own content or sharing others. In other words, spreading and showing off what I publish.

I also thought this could give me ideas on how to present an online portfolio to someone, or find ideas on how to present one.


 Making the content organised is also a way of keeping it tidy, but presentable. It allows others to easily navigate through it.

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