Pastiche 1560: Progress and development

Following on from my researh and develop from last time, as part of my narrative was to see how Sugar brings her characers to life, I re-drew her chracters from specific moments that emulates the emotonal moments, but still tried to keep to her style of movement, colour schemes and layout that her work shows through part of her animation.



Trying to recapture these moments again to help show the built relationships or character development.


What I’ve leant from this, besides tha animating a whole sequence by myself is difficult. I’ve learnt to be patient with evey step I make, and to not always dive straight in to a project without a proper plan first. I had my ideas jotted down, but upon testing them out, I found myself getting very frustrated with how the images were coming out, or if the quality of the image was being lost with in the movement.

I hope I’m being very clear with what I’m trying to comment on, or well, I hope the viewer can grasp that I’m commenting and expressing how she brings these inspirational characters to life through colour, emotions, expressions etc.



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