South Hampton research for finalisation of final ideas

After the interesting advice given by Emily, as I stated in one of my previous posts about my ideas and how I’m planning to move on with the final outcomes. I’ve started to look in to the suggested footage and artists to look at.



What I looked at:

From the stop motion idea, and the whole view of adding colour bit by bit to the bear to help illustrate ‘The polar bear was yellow and dirty.’ I got a reminder of this interesting music video, that I was so fasinated by when I was a teenager. I use to always focus my attention to his body; watching the paint and all of the colours gradually building up on it. With stop motion, I also like the stuttering of the camera. It makes the pictures, once they’re streamed together really interesting and unique. It makes it seem like the footage isn’t totally perfect and to take this idea in to consideration with the Polar bear, the polar bear wasn’t exactly prim or perfect. I think by having the camera move off of focus or make a few mistakes would highlight that.



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