CIP: Pastiche 1560: Tackling development with the other characters

I believe I mentione another one of Sugar’s works before, which was ‘Singles’. If not, go check it out; while it’s got its quirks, it also maintains her style.

In the last hour or so, I’ve quickly developed another two digital outcomes. I started to look at the more confused, lost and curious expressions more. While I wanted to maintain aspects of her style, I tried to keep to how quirky th character appeared to be.



It was pretty interestng to see how I was going to translate this emotion of curiousity, but it was a little difficult at first. I had to keep in to consideration the same pallet she used or the thickness of the lines; I wanted to keep it as close as possible.



This one was  little easier. I’m use to drawing shocked, or slightly more serious expressions for my own characters, but I was loving the use of the brighter tones on the dark.


Next, I’ll start to apply similar styles to her next character from Pug Davis. I want to see how many ways I can try and follow her style of expressions and binging the characters to life through this.


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