Author:Reporter: The Voice auditions

.. Ignore the title. I couldn’t think of anything witty this time, but in regards to what Idiscussed previously, I recalled a series I watched when I was very young and I can safely say, that I am influenced greatly by Rik Mayall’s performances with shows such as The Young ones, Bottom, Filthy rich and catflap, but I want to direct your attention to the footage below.

The way he exaggerates  certain lines; he ives such life to the words and is able to create imagery with just the change of his voice. I found that pretty remarkable, when it came to rewatching a few of these over the last hour or so. From this, I may take the idea of adding in really exaggerated voices, so people can be able to remember the picture better or link the voice with the image of the lad offering the chimp a ciggarette.


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