Pastiche 1560: Testing the video and transitions

The video may not have all of its content, yet. However, I’m becoming exceedingy frustrated with the testing progress. You know, when you have an idea in your mind, but you can’t quite grasp it once it’s created? It’s pretty much that. I figured out that having a seperate introduction screen at the begining for the artist’s name would be a bit too much, although, I decided to overlay her name on one of the moving images instead. I didn’t particularly want to get rid of the background idea, but I was going to drop it, due to the fact that my narrative is to focus on the characters she creates, not the backgrounds.

In spite of that, the backdrops/backgrounds do play a huge role in guiding the character to another place or the colours, lighting in the background help to set the scene for them.

At first, as I said I was going to leave it with just the image I had created for the title, but after some experimentation in after effects with the ‘write on’ effect; I found that there was an interesting result coming out of it.


Above is an example of the write on effect. Frame by frame, if you move the pointer for the brush; it allows you to reveal a section of the layer.It was pretty quick and easy to use, so I may use it again, once proceeding further in to the video. On the other hand, I have to bear in mind with how I’m going to strictly base this video in with Sugar’s style. With her animations, especially on transitions, it all depends on the mood or the moment. With the ending sequences, the moving images are slow, delicate and each image transitions by fading one in to another. Although, if I were going to consider this method, it might be a bit too busy.

After that. I started to throw in all of the videos, which I had animated and created in Photoshop. When it came to positioning them all; one by one. I felt that perhaps my narrative isn’t clear enough? It may be just the way that each image is being transitioned, but I did start to test different transitions of when they appear on the screen.

Indeed, I’ve tried to keep to the style with the same colour schemes, lighting; I think that I could try making this clearer by adding text. I don’t think imagery alone will be able to convey the narrative that I want to express.


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