PECHA KUCHA interim assessment part 1

As nerve wrecking as it was, which I always seem to describe these presentation as. I was expecting to get quite a lot of things for me to probably add to my project, but came back with a lot of possitive. The feedback has pretty much helped me through out this project, so it’s great to get an insight in to how I can take my project a tad further.

There’s still ongoing progress with the Polar bear animation; I feel that I can do a lot more with the stop motion. Nonetheless, I could also halt any continuation of that particular project and start with a entirely new one? However, with the narration of the images streamed together, I think I’m finally reaching to completion with it. Taking the advice on board today, I had a last minute idea, in relation to the adding of narration.

The advice I was given was to maybe add some sound to help the after effects animation narrate?

Well, I thought of doing a voice over and reading the text, but I wanted to do it humourously, as if I was to retell the story to a young child. The monoprint images used through out the moving image were quite playful, and they did remind me of illustrations from a childrens book. Also, as the animals were treated as pretty much nothing, but a joke and were not taken care of. I want to make light heart of it.

In the next update, I’ll start to discuss my idea and bring forh some more research ideas.


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