Author:Reporter: Animation

After obtaining the feedback, I added sound to my possible final outcome animation created in Premier and after effects.


The illustrations were created from a series of monoprints, which I had developed and then sequences together to help retell the story of what happened to James the chimpanze at South Hampton zoo.

With the transitions, while I do have a slight disagreement with how it turned out. I feel like I may be able to come back to it again over the holiday and make adjustments to get it running properly.



One thought on “Author:Reporter: Animation

  1. Susanna Edwards says:

    great experimentation shown Shaih and good broad research. You need to look at your final film and think about editing, framing, rhythm and narrative sequencing. With more time you can develop this for your portfolio. You are very committed and really engaged – well done. Look at developing your final production standards. Great attitude!


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